Ruby on Rails Development

Acmex is one such company that uses RoR for its clients, as it offers them a vast amount of security and performance tools that can ensure prototype deliveries from new businesses and innovative web applications for already-established companies.

What Experience Do We Have With The Ruby on Rails Program

Code Audit and QA

We employ several QA engineers to run code audits to weed out problems with scalability and maintainability. These engineers will thoroughly investigate potential security issues, looking at each gem used in the app to address problems.

Personalized ROR Solutions

Acmex professionals are highly-experienced with RoR, offering their customers with personalized Rails-based answers with their projects, which can help decrease costs and timelines. RoR is so versatile that new and established businesses can benefit from it. 

Maintenance and Support

We provide our customers with exceptional maintenance and support services for their RoR-based apps to ensure the framework is working and stable at all times. 

MVP Development

We want our customers to get a positive return on their investment with little risk. We give customers an RoR-based minimum viable product so they can corroborate their business ideas against what their customers are saying.

Virtuous Circle

What New Business Could Expect

New businesses are focused more on the digital aspects of their company, compared to the service delivery and actual product. When our clients hire us for their digital needs, we use RoR development to quickly develop apps at a reasonable price and for a low price. We offer them:

  • Rapid Development
  • Reduced Cost
  • Scalability

What Established Businesses Could Expect 

We provide our established businesses with RoR application development that involves customized solutions that address complex organizational processes and transactions throughout the world. We use the benefits of RoRs, giving us the chance to offer more features quicker with efficiency and without as much coding. What can the established businesses expect?

  • Safe Architecture
  • Performance 
  • Manageability

What Does Ruby on Rails Have To Offer Our Clients?

Business Apps

Acmex professionals will use RoR to offer smooth, cost-efficient web solutions that our customers can use to incorporate, systematize and simplify business processes within the company, regardless of the size.

Consumer Apps

We take our customers’ ideas and build appealing RoR-based consumer apps that will increase sales and connect with their customers. This can foster faithfulness, confidence and customer satisfaction. 

Entertainment Apps

We also use the extensible toolchain RoR has to offer to develop scalable entertainment apps with user-friendly interfaces through Chingu, G3DRuby and Gosu for faster rendering OpenGL-accelerated graphics. 

Incorporate RoR Into Your Business

We have RoR professionals that can incorporate personalized API across social networks, business tools, mapping systems and payment systems. 

Personalized API Development

Acmex uses RoR API to put into action personalized APIs RoR-based projects and functional endpoints for any sized businesses. We use Active Model Serializers to develop an output or JBuilder’s templates in multifaceted scenarios where conditions are necessary for giving data-laden responses. 

App Maintenance and Upgrades

Acmex has a team of RoR developers can incorporate any API into customers’ application, which includes legacy SOAP apps. We have personalized integration solutions that don’t use external API calls within the primary request or response flow. This allows for the best performance and improves web apps with pertinent third-party information to give our customers the results they want. 

Why Should Businesses Consider Using RoR For Their Backend Apps?

RoR is useful in all kinds of ways for businesses. It doesn’t matter if RoR is for a large web service or a database-backed web app; our developers build personalized RoR-founded backend that will help our customers quickly bring their product to the market. We use Active Record to do “object-relational mapping” to contend with software objects that signify data and allow the library to handle communication with the business’ preferred database.

Active Record

  • MySQL
  • PostgresQL
  • SQLite


  • DB2 on i5/OS
  • DB2 on Linux/Unix/Windows
  • DB2 on zOS
  • Informix (IDS)


  • MongoDB

We Can Tackle Any Business Obstacle


Since there are a plethora of pre-set configurations, RoR is set up to be immediately productive. This means we spend less on configuration than with other programs.


When our customers need to scale several server environments, we use RoR with Capistrano and Chef, allowing us to ready-to-run process right away.

Load Resistance

No matter the anticipated load, our RoR professionals provide the typical monolithic structure for smaller applications or a bundle of MySQL and Memcached to ensure our customers’ RoR app will deal with the millions of objects.

The Process of a RoR Design


Understanding the business vision, goals and objectives of the new or replaced solution; Defining the context for the project undertaking.


We find gems, then create our customers’ apps and its various aspects.


We make sure our customers’ apps fall in line with the UI/UX practices. 


Once our customers’ apps are ready, we can assist them by putting them into action.

Development & QA

Acmex RoR engineers will gradually build our customers’ application quickly and efficiently. 

We Are Company’s Dedicated RoR Source For Efficient Development 

We are the ideal company for mid-to-long-term engagement for companies that need RoR and want highly-experienced individuals to take on the job. We have a team dedicated to setting up multifaceted projects in quick fashion and offer continued support and maintenance. Our large pool of developers can quickly put together a personalized team to incorporate within the business or be another extension of it. What are some benefits you can get?

  • Close collaboration and workflows with clients in their general location
  • IT resources and workforce in-line with our clients’ project demands
  • Build processes and practices that are in-line with our clients’ specifications
  • Expedited team corrections and scaling when asked
  • Translucent development cycle along with in-depth reporting
  • Extensive pre-screening and selection of Acmex team members
  • Clients have total control over the flow and activities of the project

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