PHP Development

We have the PHP skills and knowledge to help our clients with any complicated or straightforward enterprise solutions tied to essential tasks related to their business.

We Focus On PHP So Our Clients Can Deal With Their Business

Simple Web Sites and Apps

Acmex is a PHP development company that uses the array of PHP tools to help businesses reach out to their customers in a highly effective and engaging way online through any one of our affordable packages.

Domain-Specified Answers

We create flexible, manageable, stable goal-oriented PHP-founded results that we tie into our customers’ existing web services and assets.

Complete PHP Development Services

Personalized PHP Development

We use PHP web development to give our customers a fully-functional, high-end personalized solution that puts them above the competition.

System & Data Integration

Our Acmex professionals have a plethora of experience and technical knowledge to offer tactical planning to implement and integrate data into our customers’ PHP-designed solutions using REST and SOAP.

Maintenance and Optimization

Our Acmex PHP development professionals can manage and rework our customers’ apps. We do this by cleaning the code up, decreasing parsing and disk I/O overhead through the appropriate caching. This helps to improve balancing loads and processing capabilities.

Personalized Third-Party Solutions

We use the power third-party PHP tools have to offer such as CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii and Zend (to name a few). We use their ready-made capabilities and increase our clients’ market time.

We Have PHP Experience With All Web Activities


No matter what our clients’ needs and expectations are, our Acmex professionals will create customized or WordPress/Joomla/Drupal-based material and document management solutions. It can be for a basic publishing site or a broad business system that helps our customers with document-specific processes such as:

  • Content authoring and management
  • Editing tools
  • Management of news feed
  • Media delivery


Acmex uses CRM systems founded on PHP products that include XRMS and SugarCRM or create a personalized solution that focuses on our customers’ needs to keep customers coming back. Such things we focus on include:

  • Business intelligence
  • Data analysis suites
  • Incentive management
  • Marketing solutions


Acmex makes use of the power Magento Commerce, osCommerce and UberCat to design useful e-commerce results that will lead to an increase in trust, improve conversions and assist businesses with tracking funnels within their CMS that includes:

  • B2B and B2C marketplaces
  • Billing and secure payments
  • E-commerce cart development
  • E-procurement


This can include easy wikis to complex Totara and Moodle-based courseware, and our solutions assist in assessing modern knowledge and management. Our experience with e-learning includes:

  • Assessment and evaluation tools
  • Learning management systems
  • Learning portals
  • Wikis and collaboration

Social Networking

We offer a plethora of social networking solutions founded on third-party PHP engines such as Elgg, Ning, PHPFox, Social Engine, etc. These third-party PHP engines help to attract and entertain individuals and foster Internet collaboration such as:

  • Social context tools
  • Social networks and commerce
  • Social networks integration

Websites and Portals

We can help businesses with an array of online PHP-based solutions that involve intricate and straightforward company applications using programs such as Codelgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Yii and more. These programs help with all kinds of things, such as:

  • Business and promo websites
  • Business portals
  • Customer portals
  • Intranets

Why Our Customers/Clients Choose Our Acmex Professionals


Our PHP team coordinators are certified scrum leaders, which means we focus on setting up communication, jobs, reporting and staff that will be more effective.

Solid Skillset

We have certified Zend developers with a wide array of experience in PHP consulting so that our team can handle even the most complicated tasks to cover specs such as performance, scalability and security.

Complete PHP Services

We provide our customers with complete PHP project execution and distinct offerings with reasonably-priced, appropriate engagement models that meet our clients’ expectations and needs.

Domain Experience

We employ professional business analysts that get a good, in-depth look at our clients’ distinct and ambiguous business needs and develop a highly-organized plan for their PHP project, so they get what they need.

Custom PHP API Development

Whether our customers need something private or public, we know that API is the core of every solution. Still, it must be reliable, quick and secure to send information back and forth. With the help of Acmex’s PHP development team, we can provide our customers with a plethora of in-depth knowledge about personalized API delivery that ensures their systems run at all times.

Middleware Development

We create personalized PHP middleware piles that can handle the managing of authentication, routing and caching while handling requests – all so a company’s app will be reliable, secure and quicker.

Backend Advancement

We can optimize our clients’ existing backend program or create a brand new one to handle data effectively with results in lower server loads and response times, no matter what DB source our clients’ app will work with.

Why Choose PHP?

There are millions and millions of websites and web apps that benefit from PHP in various ways:

  • Built-in third-party support defensive tools
  • Encryption and cryptography support
  • Integration of REST and SOAP
  • Support for load balancing and session failover
  • Third-party framework accessibility

We Hire Only A Team Of Dedicated PHP Developers For Our Clients’ Needs

We make sure that the people we hire for PHP needs are dedicated professionals who can handle both small and large, simple or complex, IT projects. We want our team to provide reliable, effective support for any and all projects – from the very beginning. Acmex employs a large group of professionals that clients can choose from for their company – either working as an extension of that company or in-house. We allow our clients to do the following with our team:

  • Prescreen team members
  • Have control over team structure – involvement, replacement or departure
  • Adjustments for time-based on time zone
  • Pre-ready IT infrastructure
  • Quick team scaling and participation of certain subject matter experts on an impromptu basis
  • Acceptance of client ideas and processes

Why Should A Company Use PHP?

PHP is advantageous in all kinds of ways for a company, which includes a much-needed performance increase of the PHP app, with a 70 percent drop in CPU execution instruction and better consistency. Acmex professionals are on hand to help clients with their PHP development needs.

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