.Net Development

We are all about meeting the needs and goals of our customers, and one way we do this is through the use of .NET development solutions. We offer fully-encompassed .Net development services using the experience and knowledge we have to deliver our clients with better-performing software products and apps for the web, mobile and cloud.

Customized .Net Development

We have a group of highly-knowledge Microsoft-certified .NET professionals that can change our clients’ unique business needs into extremely flexible .NET web-based solutions that can be scaled to improve their company.

.Net Integration

We offer our clients with customized middleware and use the capability powers of BizTalk to bring .NET solutions to their business and ensure constant A2A/B2B communication.

Third-Party .Net Customization

We have technical experts who use third-party .NET solutions to meet our clients’ business needs. We offer functionality, maintainability and UI skinning along with API development and optimization.

Technological Movement to .Net Framework

Acmex is a .NET development company, and we have to stay on top of the technological changes that can hinder our clients’ business and legacy systems. We use an array of services to move already-developed apps to .NET and improve the overall performance.

What Is Our .NET Experience?

Innovative Web Solutions

We design highly-interactive, stable and functional websites and apps that improve scalability and integration capacity the .NET framework has to offer. This includes:

  • Games and Entertainment
  • Internet B2B and B2C Portals
  • Media Content Distribution
  • Online Stores, Marketplace and Auctions
  • Social Networking and Social Commerce
  • Web Services

Innovative And Delivered Apps

We offer our customers with .NET applications a high-level system to better the worldwide scalability and address the obstacles within the computing environment. This includes:

  • Corporate Intranet and Extranet
  • Corporate Sites and Portals
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Line-of-Business Apps
  • Project and Document Management

Find The Potential With Office365 and Microsoft Dynamics

We create customized solutions using Microsoft Dynamics and Office365 that will help our customers with finding, changing and investigating information to make smart decisions that are in line with their business aspirations.

Office 365

We create customized Office365 apps that will help our clients’ business operations. We link the existing solutions to third-party solutions or business environment to offer broad access to any information source.

Microsoft Dynamics

We use Microsoft Dynamics on-site or in the cloud, so our customers have customized solutions that help them push leads and through their sales funnel. We provide them with flexible middleware to simplify their business methodologies and set up A2A/B2B communication.

How .NET Is Used With Mobile App Development


With our service, our customers can exclude their need for native Windows, Android or iOS experts with a cross-platform mobile app development service such as Native UI and Xamarin. Some of the benefits offered include:

  • Two-time decline in development costs thanks to a 70 percent codebase share
  • Two-time rapid Time-to-Market with a 50 percent drop in delivery time


We use the power native Window APIs have to offer to provide our customers with very secure mobile apps that can be integrated with an array of Microsoft products and can support the whole organization’s mobile strategy while also offering the following:

  • Complex, broad approach that assists in protecting projects from threats such as malware
  • Upkeep of end-to-end private control over company apps

Move to the Web with ASP.NET

We use ASP.NET to move our clients’ desktop applications (Windows Forms, VB6 and others) to the web. As a professional ASP.NET development company, we use our clients’ existing services, patterns and design services to work just like they do in the desktop or, if desired, we will completely redo the application with new API, functionality, infrastructure and UI/UX.





Why Should Businesses Choose Us For Their .NET Development Needs

Full-Cycle Development

Our Acmex professionals are skilled with .NET delivery capabilities that include the developing, designing, implementing, optimization and continuous support our clients can take advantage of.

Responsive Ideas

We have experienced scrum leaders who will carefully review our clients’ .NET projects and improve the readiness of their project to clinch new demands by the market.

Comprehensive Domain Experience

Our Acmex professionals are experienced in both .NET desktop and .NET web developments, offering them solutions regardless of the industry they are in.

Specialized .NET Developers and Professionals

We have MS-certified professionals on our .NET team who are more than qualified at designing useful apps using secure and supportable code.

Committed .NET Team

We have a team of .NET experts to handle any IT project needs – be it small or large, simple or complex – at every stage of the project. We work to develop, implement, customize and support solutions businesses need. They can work with companies in-house or independently. What are some of the benefits of this service?

  • Choose from our developers for their projects
  • Make changes to project workflow based on their time zone
  • Use exclusive IT infrastructure
  • Scale teams at each project stage
  • Continuous transparent reporting in every stage of the project
  • Evaluate team members, replacing people if necessary
  • Maintain the businesses processes during the development cycle

Technology Stack

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