Java Development

For more than 5 years, Acmex has been and continues to be dedicated to offering its customers stable, secure and productive customized Java applications that can withstand high hit loads.

Customized Java Development

Our staff are experts in all Java application development design programs, using only advanced approaches that only a handful of vendors can offer their customers.

App Maintenance and Upgrades

Acmex developers provide our customers with all kinds of support services, from improving the functionality to upgrading to the latest Java version. 

Integration Services

Acmex only hires individuals with in-depth knowledge of Java and design to create and implement an array of integrated solutions. This includes both Java and non-Java apps for customized projects, added to other systems, attained from third-party sellers or a combination of any of these. 

Data Connectors

Our Java developers provide custom connections with uninterrupted communication with MS ERP and SAP/Oracle systems. 

Innovative Service Bus

No matter how many apps are clients have, we ensure that their information is transferred safely and efficiently. 

Java API Development

Broad range of B2B integrations with already-developed extensions and customizations. 

Web Services Integration

Tie web apps into a client’s business environment.

 Acmex Experts Provide Stable Java App Designs

Highly Dynamic and Steady Performance

We ensure our customers’ Java projects will be both stable and productive thanks to the smart database foundation, continuous connection and SQL transactions optimization. 

Strong, Complex Security

Our customers are provided with details of their project before we begin working on it, including network and user levels.

Loose Connections and Great Interconnections

Acmex developers make sure to give customers high interconnections when setting up their completely-loaded distribution systems and transfer critical solutions to other architecture. 

Code Quality Guarantee

Our developers write a unique stable codebase, using only the best industry tools that can be expanded in the future. Acmex lends businesses a helping hand with difficult codebase with our code auditing, documentation and refactoring services. 

What Experiences Do We Have With Java App Development 


We use only viable enterprise programs with our custom Java apps for ERP and automated business process management that includes:

  • Accounting and Finance 
  • Company Intelligence Business Extranet/Intranet 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Records Management
  • Task Management


We have an extensive portfolio of Java web application development with over 100 massive projects that focus on digital assets management, web content management and media content distribution for various domains including but not limited to:

  • Digital databases and storage management systems
  • E-commerce and web ordering
  • E-learning management systems
  • Multimedia portals
  • Online gaming
  • Payment processing systems
  • Social networking options

Development Of Java Apps For Both Mobile and IoT 

We make use of the latest IoT technologies with a good understanding of the popular protocols (IETF CoAP, LWM2M and OASIS MQTT as well as expertise in Java mobile app development. Our professionals are trained in the structure of IoT app development and services, allowing us to provide our clients with the best mobile Java applications.

We offer apps for industrial and customer IoT that include:

  • Assisted living and smart home apps
  • Medical device apps
  • Mobile apps for devices that use Android, iOS or Windows
  • TV set boxes and gaming console apps
  • Personal digital assistants
  • Vehicle navigation systems

What Clients Will Get From Acmex Java Developers 

Acmex has a team of committed Java developers ready to help clients meet their Java needs. For clients with long-term engagements that need experts with extensive knowledge with custom Java development, Acmex is the best choice available. We offer the following:

  • Large group of talented Java professionals
  • Customers have the option to pre-screen and interview team members to find the perfect expert(s) for their project
  • Experienced support for Java development
    and maintenance
  • Workplace Java research and development 
  • Ability to reach out to experts about a company’s particular project needs
  • Mature DevOps environment with constant delivery of procedures

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