Acmex offers cloud-based applications that are combined
with original designs. We concentrate on the end-to-end
services to foster new cloud ideas or build upon
any type of existing apps.

What Services Do We Offer?

Consolidation & Integration

We help our customers to send information without any restrictions through the connection of apps and information sources via a cloud-based business solution.

Cloud-First App Development

We use pre-cloud era technology, knowledge and experience to create personalized cloud applications for public, private and hybrid cloud platforms.

Cloud Migration

We will transfer apps to the cloud, offering our customers scalable computing power and ensuring apps businesses need are accessible to flexible infrastructure services.

Cloud Configuration

Our professionals will tailor a cloud configuration that ensures it’ll represent a client’s business’ infrastructure. This will lead to an improvement in scalability, data retrieval and application usability.

What Computing Models Do We Offer Our Clients?


Acmex creates Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that share a common infrastructure and codebase that will be compatible across every device. Our clients’ apps and functions will be accessible as a web-based service so clients can make changes quickly and scale as they need to meet their customers’ demands.


We use Platform-as-a-Service to create personalized multi-tenant apps and services that are not a part of a particular platform. Acmex uses the PaaS’s open design to foster integration with essential apps and ensure interoperability for customers who are using them in mixed IT environments.


We also use Infrastructure-as-a-Service to assist new companies with little hardware capital but find themselves growing quickly with procuring in-demand hardware. This will help them to attain operating expenditures, automate dynamic scaling and decreasing the infrastructure costs.

End-to-End Cloud-First App Distribution

Acmex knows that every workload doesn’t need to go into the cloud, and we take that into consideration. We assist our clients in recognizing the best apps and, from there, develop a solid cloud strategy. Then, we choose a computing model that fits in our clients’ business model, providing them a proof of concept and building a fully-scalable and reliable cloud-first application to improve the efficiency and speed.

01 - Access

  • Strategy
  • Cloud selection
  • Application assessment
  • Proof of concept

02 - Build

  • Application development
  • Application testing
  • Application integration
  • Application deployment

03 - Run

  • Application management
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Continuous improvement

Acmex Can Help Businesses Migrate To The Cloud

We offer our clients a safe, easy and quick way to move their apps to the cloud, changing existing software code and adding data integration connectors where it’s needed. Our professionals will move our clients’ apps, databases and servers to the cloud so they can benefit from the flexibility, savings and scalability cloud computing has to offer.



Dev & QA Environments


Why Go Cloud?

There are so many benefits associated with the cloud, which is why our Acmex professionals provide our customers with flexible models using private-cloud or third-party platforms. This ensures our clients see quicker results with already-accessible infrastructure and garnering them an advantage over their competition.


We offer cloud-based solutions that stay on the private-cloud infrastructure of our clients’ physical boundaries where strict data privacy issues and security is a necessity. Acmex can assist its clients in understanding the benefits of the cloud architecture and maintain control over their data centers.


Acmex provides personalized applications that are developed to run on public clouds. We offer solutions that are advantageous and will improve efficiency with shared resources and necessary scalability. Whether it’s a multi-tenant service or dedicated instance, our clients’ apps can be moved to any public cloud they want, such as Amazon, Rackspace, etc.


Our professionals will create custom hybrid-cloud based solutions that can be developed from both private and public clouds, so every business aspect is maintained in a highly-efficient setting. Third-party cloud platforms are used to bring the two clouds together either wholly or partially to provide our customers with several benefits such as numerous deployment models and improving computing flexibility.

Cloud-Based Middleware

We examine the environmental differences and provide you with a consistent interface for large-scale distributed systems that allow our clients to connect, expand and develop integration-specific processes. The custom-designed, cloud-based middleware links networks and applications together so that businesses can provide content and information to users or other server-based solutions securely and seamlessly.

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