Acmex provides its customers with a wide range of backend services that include the development of personalized backend layers, optimizing backend systems already set up and migrating them to the cloud and improving backend performance and extensibility.

What Kind Of Expertise Do We Have?

Backend Development

We create customized backends for both simple and multi-faceted web apps and systems that allow for the storage, management and processing of data provided from various sources so customers can easily and quickly scale when uploaded and accessed through cloud-based computing services.

Backend Refactoring

Acmex professionals will internally overhaul existing backends in a way that doesn’t affect a client’s apps’ frontend parts, making changes that don’t affect the code’s external operation but improves its performance and internal layout.

Cloud Migration

Acmex professionals will help with the transfer of backend systems to public, private or hybrid clouds, providing a plethora of cloud computing services, assisting with computing power and storing and accessing a host of services businesses can use when they need it.

We Make Multi-Faceted Services A Little Easier For Our Clients


We promote integration with various systems, regardless of their complexity, with the development of personalized communication adaptors or SOAP/REST services.


Our developers work to keep sensitive information private through the use of user authentication and authorization.

Data Storage

We keep essential information in either a private-distributed database system or cloud-based one, useful for large-scale web apps.

Messaging Notifications

Our professionals use real-time smart messaging services that allow us to send out targeted notifications based on their users’ locations.

Synchronized Information

We promote the synchronization of information between backend systems and devices with improvement on server-side rules for information access control.

API Management

We create, setup and manage API interfaces in a scalable, secure way, either on-site or the cloud.

What Tools Do We Use To Help Our Clients


We use Java for its well-designed set of design patterns and implement its array of integration systems. We plug both Java and non-Java applications that custom-built, a part of the legacy systems, attained from a third-party vendor or a mixture of all.

  • Stability
  • Reliable connectivity
  • High cohesion
  • Multi-level security
  • Loose coupling


We choose .NET for its interactive, stable and highly-functional web apps that offer amazing integration
capabilities. These systems provide power to attain worldwide scalability and address the obstacles facing the current computing environment.

  • Increased reliability
  • Integral security features
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Lower operational costs
  • Service-focused framework


We choose PHP for the optimization of clients’ existing backend layer or a new optimization set up for our clients’ apps for effective data handling with reduced server loads and response times. PHP gives us the ability to improve the speed, reality and security of clients’ apps, regardless of the storage used.

  • Cryptography and encryption
  • High availability of third-party library
  • Integrated defense mechanisms
  • Load balancing and session failover
  • SOAP/REST integration ability


Our first choice in creating a customized feature-loaded web solution is Python. It allows us to make use of its expansive libraries, using its external packages for time-sensitive jobs when necessary and making use of its frameworks to expand on its handy functionality.

  • Better manageability
  • High flexibility
  • Quick prototyping
  • Rapid MVP Delivery
  • Reduced TCO


We use Ruby on Rails to give our clients customized backends that efficiently allows a business to quickly enter the market for a high-end quality product, improving its sustainability and focusing on convention more than configuration.

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Load-resistance
  • Output
  • Scalability
  • Third-party integrations

What Do Our Clients Get With Mobile Backend

On-Site Information

We develop personalized mobile apps that use information from an array of sources, creating a secure, continuous connection with on-site information centers no matter where they are in the world.

Offline Information Sync

Acmex developers will create powerful apps that can still be used even when offline, allowing for daily information creation and adjustment and boost responsiveness by local data cache.

One-Step Sign-On

We provide our clients with SSO authorization and other multi-factor security methods to grant access to premises and cloud-based apps.

Notification Broadcasts

We create large scalable mobile-push notification engines that can send out personalized push notifications to both hybrid and native apps quickly.

Above Waterline Data

We use an API-focused approach that ensures our customers’ application information can float, which makes
our personalized solutions more comprehensive and modular. Our professionals will set up a client’s client-side part to request
resources from the SOAP/REST app programming interface with a secure, potent communication channel
between mobile and web components from their systems.

Why Clients Trust Acmex For Their Backend Development Needs

We make sure our backends are supplied with an array of essential security measures that encode and safely sends messages between our clients’ apps. When uploaded to the cloud, the personalized backends will autoscale, spinning resources up and down based on tangible use.

Security Standards

Our developers use the OWASP Backend Security Project as the starting point for comprehending every aspect of the security process about the backend parts that communicate right with your data source, web app, payment gateway, and more.

Better Performance

We use a well-rounded approach to scalability by certifying continuous capacity planning and load testing. Acmex increases server response times by improving processing time, to ensure applications utilizing and make good use of available CPU time.

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