Web Portal and Enterprise Portal

We deliver a superb user experience and outstanding functionality in all its portals.

Web Portal

If the business and portal are one in the same, then you need a reliable portal solution which has growth potential and is cost-efficient. Acmex has the experience and skills necessary to deliver such a solution which can help you earn new customers and serve them well.

Enterprise Portal

At an enterprise-level, we assume deployments of engagement workplaces, intranets, and extranets that are all very productive. The capability of collaboration in the workplaces is extensive and there is also social functionality, independent workflows, and the ability to retrieve collected data.

The User Experience of Cross Devices and Channels

To give stakeholders a good user experience for cross channels, you need to be proficient in many things. Acmex is able to give users a great portal user experience which is designed for cross devices and the ability to shift with ease. For each individual device, Acmex puts all their attention on the social dimension, feature set adjustment, speed, and workflows that are mobile-optimized.

Efficient Access to Applications, Information, and Processes

Acmex uses a whole range of features for portals. Each one of these features derives from various technologies, vendors, and platforms. These features allow user experiences to be integrated with transactional potential, innovative content management, and automated processes.

Data Management

consists of advanced searches, managing documents, managing knowledge, and supporting multiple sites.


consists of media galleries, user profiles, the functionality of ratings and polls, and activity streaming.


consists of spaces, tools, workflows, blogs, and forums.


consist of payments, billing, information feeds, online learning, and forms and apps.


consists of tracking performance, delivery based on roles, security, authentication, back office, and CMS.


consists of viewing statistics, the intelligence of the business, information aggregation, and dashboards with analytical data.

Proficiency in Mature Domain

Whenever we’re producing a solution to a large scale, the highest-level of support will be installed and this includes fault tolerance, scalability, transaction throughput, and availability. In terms of expertise, we can offer;

Platforms for E-Commerce Solutions

We understand there is a big demand for greater user experiences, transactional models, and better back-end capabilities. That is why Acmex allows companies to easily start their own multi-vendor internet marketplaces without having to spend years on investing and figuring things out.

Self Serving Portals

We can create digitalized engagement results if you have a utility company or some kind of public servicing company. These solutions are made specifically to enhance the rate of self-service and lower the total expense of being able to serve customers. Also, they help bring new kinds of digital technology products and services.

Network Partnerships

The technical solutions we have for our networks of suppliers and business partners span the scope of thorough functionality. This involves enabling the interaction and discovery of the supplier, creating purchase order efficiency, no discretion of transactions or expenses, and having collaboration on invoices.

Portals of Knowledge

Acmex has professional skills in video streaming, teamwork-based technologies, and eLearning. Learn about how Acmex uses these skills to bring solutions for management and knowledge sharing. These solutions are made specifically to simplify how knowledge is developed, transferred, and retained within your organization as well as outside of it too.

Digital Entertainment

Acmex offers its services to businesses within the digital distribution and editing market. We can use advanced technology to help you come up with new solutions for enhancing your monetization of digital traffic, managing your constantly accumulating digital assets, and engaging users who are fragmented.

Corporate Alliance

All internal activities and customer-based activities need collaboration to be successful. Collaboration is the center of everything, whether it is collaboration regarding work management or collaboration regarding documents. Acmex will satisfy your collaborative desires by providing portal creation services that are at an enterprise level.

Social Media Networks

We have teams of professionals to deliver solutions for enterprise-level social networks, social networking platforms that are niche-based, social commerce, social CRM, and community portals.

Portal Solutions for Verticals

Acmex’s experience at developing versatile portals are what allows them to deliver lots of different solutions for verticals that are specific to the industry.

Implementing Innovative Portals Specifically to Meet Your Needs

Ability To Integrate

We can attach a solution for a portal to numerous applications and information sources. Some of which include applying the Enterprise Service Bus and incorporating with data feeds, social collaboration tools, 3rd party web services, and payment systems.

Increasing Performance

The evolution of technology will keep on going, so your portal should keep on evolving too. Acmex creates architecture for portals that is extremely flexible. They focus on tolerating faults, increasing growth, and easily accommodating the increase in the number of users and loads.

Progression of Business

Acmex can deliver portal solutions while being cost-effective, quick, and smooth, We’re able to do this with our DevOps strategy and our knowledge in automating deployment, building, and testing. Also, we can send newly develop features to the portal which can operate immediately.

Complete Portal Security

We go out of our way to ensure that portal security is the best that it can be. We secure transactions, data access, and implement digital signature methods, data encryption and audits.

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