Software Solutions for Image Analysis and Identification

Acmex develops image analysis solutions by combining computerized vision technologies and the current strength of deep learning possibilities that benefit a wide range of industry needs.

Image Analysis Uses Across Industries

We offer solutions for various difficulties companies in the healthcare, security, retail sales, logistics, manufacturing, banking, and other industries face every day.

Facial Recognition

Face Detection (FD)

The basic ability of an application to recognize faces in graphic or video media opens the door for more advanced options. Detecting and identifying specific faces allows for personalized responses, security options, and represents the baseline for more advanced event detection and markerless AR analyzation of images and views.

Personal Verification (PV)

To improve security and identification for companies, educational facilities, and even municipal buildings, image analysis matches faces that pass by the camera with a database of other pictures. The ability to identify individuals in a crowd assists criminal investigations, school attendance, corporate security and more.

Emotion Recognition (ER)

To add more value and create optimal results in business, ER solution identifies positive and negative changes in customer, before and after communication with the employees as to understand their levels of satisfaction. It helps companies continuously capture information in this area for better plans to achieve the best possible outcome.

Detect And Identify Actions And Events

Smart Surveillance Solution

Cameras and video security coupled with image analysis software can automatically detect unusual activity or anomalies in expected behavior. This improves safety by alerting security staff and providing a clear record of what happened.

Analysis For Medical Imaging

Hospitals, health centers, and clinics utilize computer-aided diagnostic software to augment the doctors' ability to detect problems visible on x-rays, images, and in 3-D representations. Medical imaging programs do not replace quality medical staff but instead is help to reduce human error that can lead to complications. These applications can work with x-ray, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and more.

Automated Visual Inspection (AVI)

Manufacturing plants, food processors or preparers, and other industries gets assistance from image analysis programs that scan for anomalies or errors. This provides an additional level of quality control so a company is sure they are offering the best products possible. Image analysis programs are useful for both:

  • Quality assurance to detect problems visually or by using x-ray, UV or infrared
  • Sorting quality grades and classification that removes defective items

Character, Letter, Or Digit Recognition

Recognition and understanding of text, such as printed works for translation or license plates, can integrate with advanced systems or work independently.

Barcode Scanning

Current LED and laser scanners for barcodes require close proximity and can only handle one time. Image analysis programs may scan multiple barcodes at diverse angles, in different lighting situations, and over a distance. These abilities facilitates inventory management, sales, and data gathering.

Augmented Reality

Image analysis integrates with augmented reality applications to deliver unique overlay digitization onto real world objects. These juxtapositions of the digital and physical worlds create unique experiences for the viewer.

Smart Gadgets And Devices With Image Analysis

As the "Internet of Things" expands throughout both personal and commercial worlds, smart gadgets get even smarter when combined with image analysis capabilities. One basic example is a robotic vacuum which can track it surroundings, detect furniture and other things in its way, and maneuver itself around them. That simple form of image analysis can translate into things like smart doors that only left in the property owner through the use of facial recognition analysis programs.

How is software taught to recognize these things?

Experienced and knowledgeable software developers and data scientists use deep learning and convoluted neural networks (CNNs) to teach the device to recognize patterns and differences. The networks' training consists of viewing massive sets of data and engaging in image detection, filtering, classification, and recognition of separate features.

  • Filtering
  • Segmentation
  • Object Classification
  • Object Detection
  • Feature Recognition

When a customer approaches us with a need, we find the best solution for their particular situation from a collection of ML libraries and our own custom development process. Whether pre-trained or trained by our scientists, the application is able to perform the 2-D or 3-D image or video analysis needed for the customers' projects.

Image Analysis Software Integrates

As powerful as image analysis software is, it is not something that functions alone. As we develop the best possible option for you and your company or organization, we also strive to fully integrate our image analysis solutions with your existing software to create a more powerful whole.

  • POS
  • CCTV
  • ERP
  • Diagnostic Software

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