iBeacon Development

We help businesses comfortably outreach their customers with the perfect mix of technology and sophisticated backend capabilities.

Why iBeacon - Advanced Solutions For Consumer-Focused Projects

iBeacon technology is similar to a Bluetooth transmitter in that it exchanges data wirelessly over short distances. This is what is known as “Bluetooth Low-Energy Wireless Technology.” The way it works is you have a broadcaster and a receiver. The iBeacon technology serves as the broadcaster and it is usually set up in a retail business establishment that customers would normally pass by. As for the receiver, this is integrated into the company’s app that someone would have installed on their iPhone or iPad mobile device.

Promote Marketing Activities

At Acmex, our technological expertise helps to resolve the most challenging tasks for end-users through iBeacon. If they installed an app from a particular business, it will give the business owners the chance to send special offers and deals directly with their passing customers. These could be offers not available anywhere else and for a limited time only. We support your creativity and run a special 1-hour discount for anyone who has your app installed. There are so many ways to give incentives to customers, so they will go to your store and make a purchase.

Increase & Speed Up Sales

iBeacon delivered by Acmex qualitatively helps transform business interactions and transactions which allow customers to make purchases through their receiver app. This is beneficial because it will eliminate long checkout lines and help customers move in and out of the store with their purchases a lot faster. It also helps in restaurants where the customer doesn’t have to wait for the waiter to bring them their check.

Report & Tracking

With iBeacon, Acmex can facilitate businesses to track the location of the customers in their physical establishment. This will help them learn about which products their customers are flocking to the most. In a restaurant, if a customer orders their food through the app, the waiter will know which table to bring the food because they can track where that order came from. This will reduce the waiting time for customers when they eat and speed up the service delivery.

Indoor Locator

Customers no longer need to ask a sales associate or store worker for help in locating an item. The iBeacon can help guide the customer to a particular product by using the digital map available through the app. This ensures that more customers can find what they’re looking for faster without getting discouraged from having to wait for help.

Customer Service

Acmex brings exceptional experience for businesses with iBeacon technology. If an end-user/customer needs assistance and cannot find anyone who works at the store, they can send a help request through iBeacon for customer service. This will trigger the nearest customer service agent to come and assist that customer. Since there is tracking, the representative will know where the customer is located.

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