Ecommerce Strategies

We assists businesses in easily reaching their revenue goals by allowing more advanced backend abilities, and a greater online presence

Innovative Project Solutions

After 7 years of web development, Acmex has expanded its understanding of business and technology to become a 100% qualified and competent vendor which takes on the hardest projects in e-commerce imaginable.

Online Stores

We can create coupon websites, drop shipping websites, and e-stores. There are lots of different types of products available to sell through these kinds of websites. Some of which include digital assets, consumer goods, food, and business services.

Business-To-Customer Marketplaces

We develop “software as a service” platforms for sellers which function above average in the marketplace. Some of the functions of these platforms include promotional tools, simplified product management, multi-currency option, multi-lingual option, secured payment gateways, and easy order management.

Business-To-Business Trading Networks

When businesses conduct transactions with their other business partners, Acmex delivers strong technological solutions which can help these businesses increase the quality of their interactions with them. Some of their partners may include big institutional clients, subsidiaries, suppliers, and collaborators.

Auction Trading

Our technological skills can assist in figuring out the hardest internet auction trading tasks. Some of these tasks include support for many auction types, the execution of bidding systems, configuring items, support for live operations, video streaming, and voice streaming.

Electronic Procurement

Acmex’s electronic procurement apps enable important activities throughout each of the acquisition process steps. Some of these steps include bidding, obtaining quotes, manage the contract’s lifespan, and the processes from procurement to payment.

Ticketing Platforms & Booking Platforms

We are capable of delivering booking applications and reservation applications securely, no matter how much of a load there is. These are highly functional deliveries and can be integrated with services of third-party companies.

Full Assistance with your E-Commerce Business

We create some of the best e-commerce solutions for online businesses. These solutions include systems or modules with lots of features, which then get integrated into the infrastructure of your company. Acmex has lots of experience in all aspects of corporate management systems, from design and developing them to maintaining them. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get complete support from us with your e-commerce business.

Commerce Through Mobile Devices

Acmex develops amazing selling opportunities for businesses that are looking ahead. We can optimize your current e-commerce website to support mobile devices or we can create a totally new mobile-friendly commerce website for you from scratch.

We can guarantee that it will be compatible with multiple platforms, integrate smoothly with third-party services and internet stores, and that it will have a top quality mobile design.

Our area of expertise is in managing mobile content, creating POS solutions for standalone mobile devices, enhancing mobile payment processing and checkout, and targeting consumers by location.

The Business Domain Of E-Commerce At Acmex

Acmex concentrates on delivering a solution that is very functional and interactive by collaborating with cross-functional teams. We carefully analyze the objectives of your project and use this information to develop solutions for creating new e-stores or modifying the design of current e-stores.

Quick Updates

We will provide updates, upgrades to the visual design, and enhancements to the functionality of the solution right away or scheduled at some point in the future. Meanwhile, none of your internet operations will be interrupted and your business applications will be monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. That way, you won’t lose any sales or customers from an unwanted interruption.


During the architectural design phase, the software engineers of Acmex have integrated support features during their architectural design for the increasing number of users, visitors, transaction volumes, and catalog records. To ensure that the vertical and horizontal growth of the solution can be facilitated, Acmex puts great emphasis on optimizing databases and developing multi-tier applications.

Complete Security

Our approach to security involves a focus on data safety, consulting on software security, and addressing protection against credit card fraud at the earliest point in the development process. When Acmex deals with mobile projects and internet projects, we can guarantee our practices and in how we eliminate vulnerabilities.

Integration Services

The integration services that we have available include linking CMS solutions with internet frontends, enterprise management systems, payment gateways, tax calculation, ESB technology, middleware technology, logistics services, shipping services, analytics platforms, social media networks, and lots of other software applications which are necessary for satisfying the most advanced e-commerce demands.

Customer Experience

If you want to create a similar experience for your digital and in-store customers, Acmex can assist in creating linked customer experiences within a variety of business scenarios using the hybrid multichannel method. Acmex allows you to convert to digital payments and ordering as well as to digital inventory information, fulfillment of orders, delivery channels, and implementation of a point-of-sale. You can be sure that there will be a smooth user experience throughout the offline channels, internet channels, social media networks, and mobile devices.

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