Development for the E-Learning Evolution

We handle the transformation or development of e-learning platforms to increase user experience, flexibility, and interest through development of emerging technologies.

Whom We Help?

Although e-learning grows in popularity, its full integration into the education and business worlds is not absolute. We at ACMEX help our clients discover the best solutions for modern educational systems to improve student interaction and retention. With the latest technological advances, we facilitate the growth of e-learning possibilities throughout multiple industries and school types.

Teachers And Schools

Our efforts facilitate a transformation from traditional teaching methods to e-learning opportunities for schools and educational organizations at all levels, universities, and training centers both online and off. Educators will become better equipped at enticing students, forging strong interest, and helping them reach their learning goals. Traditional, high-tech, and innovative, the types of e-learning options available these days create solutions from the most basic to the most advanced AR and VR options for learning that works.

Corporate And Companies

Proper employee training and updating of knowledge and skills creates a better atmosphere of success for corporations and companies. To this end, we help to implements custom e-learning strategies that improve the value of employees and drive productivity upward. Digital educations are tailored for specific needs, highly intuitive and user-friendly, and can include any type of training or educational module necessary. Corporations who need external-facing educational portals for their own clients and customers will benefit as well.

Online Learning Integrators

Whether an e-learning project is already underway or the planning stages have not even started yet ACMEX can step in to design, fine-tune, and customize educational software options to suit individual needs. Our professional team offers IT consulting and development services, software testing and maintenance, and full-service educational learning application support.

Creating E-Learning Environments That Work

The diverse range of learning domains and possibilities we work with converge under one e-learning umbrella. Our goal with this is to facilitate greater possibilities in quick learning, advanced options for knowledge sharing, security every step of the way, and comprehensive reporting in all e-learning situations.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Educators and students both benefit from the versatility that comes with SCORM-compliant digitized learning platforms.

  • Full management of learning modules, lessons, and multimedia presentations
  • Streamlined course delivery options and scheduling capabilities
  • Integrated class chat rooms, social networking pages, and private messaging options
  • User dashboards for both educators and students to organize, structure, and follow the class activities, keep up with changes, and track individual progress

Portals For E-Learning

Construction of complete educational portals allow schools, organizations, and businesses to facilitate select learning goals in a dynamic and user-friendly interactive way.

  • Both desktop and mobile access supports e-learning convenience and improved participation
  • Personalized structure, display, and methodology gives users particular control over the student experience and the progress made through the program
  • Integrated systems allow for class invoicing and payment processing
  • Complete analytics system measures and tracks how effective each lesson is and how productive both educators and that students are.

Wikis And Knowledge Bases

E-learning platforms can include integrated knowledge bases and wikis, or these can be created on their own to facilitate easier learning for students with diverse educational needs.

  • Exceptional organization of knowledge libraries, archives, and information to allow students to access what they need in a user-friendly fashion
  • Internal search capabilities coupled with unique metadata and tagging ensures the information is organized effectively and easy to discover as needed
  • Knowledge can be shared, sent to others, and re-accessed at will
  • Platforms may include multi-user areas to exchange information and brainstorm new ideas

Learning Options For Mobile Access

We bring high-quality mobile applications to the forefront of the e-learning options since so many people seek out information on their smart phones and other devices.

  • E-learn on multiple devices while maintaining the same appearance and use methods to ensure smooth transitions from one to the next
  • Convenient and fast access to lessons and information to facilitate fast learning and knowledge retention
  • Full syncing capabilities for educators and students who access lessons from multiple devices and with or without access to the Internet

Customized Test Creation

Educators have complete control over precision testware designed to help evaluate accumulated knowledge and the efficacy of the lessons when it comes to teaching students new skills or information.

  • Educator dashboards make it easy to create and manage tests
  • Built in randomization of questions and grading mechanisms
  • Integration of a feedback system for students, educators, and course management
  • Various test scoring options that adapt to structure, existing knowledge base, and classification of the questions

Reporting And Analytics

Analyze and track students' progress and the overall ability of the e-learning class to educate with a powerful toolkit for the educators to use. This helps to create stronger classes and correct weaknesses quickly.

  • Scheduled or real-time reporting on student progress, grades, and other factors
  • Unique dashboard styles for different levels of access and ability within the program
  • Gathering and analysis of data about in-system actions and use
  • Regular reports that collect the information necessary to run the e-learning platform effectively

Offer New E-Learning Opportunities And Methods

ACMEX utilizes the latest technology to create diverse and unique e-learning experiences that facilitate student education and allow schools, companies, and organizations to offer the most attractive learning opportunities possible.

Educational Games And Gamification

Augment your learning platforms with the entertainment factor of computer games to attract more students and help them learn in a more enjoyable atmosphere. E-learning through gamification of lessons make it easier for people to learn something in less time than more traditional classroom structures. This also makes it possible for educators to witness a student's ability to apply the knowledge they gather in particular circumstances.

Learning With AR And VR Immersion

Another facet of educational programming looks toward the relatively new technology of virtual and augmented reality. VR and AR learning options immersed students and educators in a setting that allows them to learn in a hands-on fashion without the need to visit a traditional classroom or lab. Virtual classrooms are safe and facilitate faster and more in-depth learning because students actually apply the knowledge they get as they are learning it. Even without continuous augmented reality classes, these two immersive technology options allow for opportunities such as virtual field trips that can not only help students learn but also save educational organizations or schools a lot of money.

AI Options To Assist With E-Learning

The days of one-sized-fits-all education are coming to an end. Artificial intelligence combined with learning in the digital landscape creates the most user-friendly and adaptive methods possible that are custom tailored for each student's needs. Not only does AI adapt to how fast the student learns or the methods that lead to the most informational retention, it can also present dynamic methods that will help the student come to a fuller understanding of any topic. Educators can use AI systems to better understand and evaluate student progress and make adjustments as needed.

E-Learning Support For Every Aspect Of The System

Security For Private Data

Thorough security is an essential part of every e-learning solution we design and work on. This includes assurances that both educators and students personal information is kept private, all payments are secure, and nothing will be compromised to the best of our ability.

Integration With Other Systems

A simple learning program on its own does not provide the power and usability of a holistic e-learning conglomeration of software solutions that include educational apps, payment processors, CRM options, social networking pages, and other specific characteristics identified as necessary by the unique needs of every customer.

ACMEX creates efficient and effective e-learning systems that meld with existing school, company or organization tech while supporting your vision, working towards your goals, and staying within budget. Our solutions integrate with your software ecosystems and other popular learning tools or exist as standalone software applications that help ensure an effective learning process for both educators and students.

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