Content Management System

We enhance the functionality of your content management system from customized modules and extensions to fully developed applications which are powered by the technology of your choice.

Web Content Management

A dynamic and successful web content management system is one where you can manage the customer experience and professional content of a website. At Acmex, we deliver solid technological options you can choose from a community website, an eCommerce suite, a mobile-optimised website or a customer service-oriented system.

Document Management

We deliver a document management system which securely manages your important business documents, such as contracts, technical renderings, or company policies, throughout the entire lifecycle. It starts from the initial capturing of these documents to storing, and to deliver the documents which are completely automated. Our solutions are fully compliant with government regulations, commercial rules, and technical requirements.

Enterprise Content Management

Acmex provides enterprise content management systems that are fully functional and flawlessly integrated into the information technology infrastructure of the enterprise. This will help businesses manage their digital assets, web content, electronic records, and all other documents. In addition, We will offer you toolkits which can automate business processes that are centered around content which can distribute it securely.

Types of Solutions

CMS Environment

Main Features

Content Generation

  1. Role-Based Writing and Editing
  2. Collaborative Writing
  3. Management of Rich Media Assets
  4. Content import/Export Tools
  5. Multilingual Content Support
  6. Dynamic Content Reuse and Repurposing
  7. Web Forms Submission

Digital Experience Management

  1. Content Analysis
  2. User-Generated Content
  3. Customer Visual Experience
  4. Personalization and Segmentation

Collaboration And Process Workflows

  1. Role-Based Workflow Designer
  2. Document Review and Approval
  3. Archiving and Routing
  4. Email Notification
  5. Capabilities of using Social Networking

Content Repositories

  1. Management of Metadata and Indexing
  2. Version Control
  3. Access Control (Authentication and Authorization verification)
  4. Renderings and Annotations
  5. Full-Text Search
  6. Link Management


  1. Multiple Formats Publishing
  2. Multiple Sites Support
  3. Multichannel Delivery
  4. Mobile-Optimized Delivery
  5. Social Media Integration
  6. eCommerce Integration

Why Choose Our CMS Solutions?

Matching The Requirements Accurately

We first want to evaluate and determine which content solution is going to most effectively manage your business operations, assets, and customer interactions. The content management systems that Acmex offers are structured to intensify the experiences that are driven by content for all relevant areas, such as outreach channels. Best of all, these systems support a management strategy for mobile-based content.

Application Integration Proficiency

Acmex is able to flawlessly deliver quality content management system solutions because of the holistic approach we take in our services and the vast amount of experience we have in integrating applications for clients. We also have a good history of implementing plug-ins, APIs, customized connectors, and web services for our clients. Our content management system solution will integrate with your existing tools and services, data storages, and business applications.

The Delivery Services For Projects - Total Package

Our complete services that include making a technical assessment and scoping the project based on your specific commercial requirements, the design of your user interface, project management, customized development, training of end users, and quality assurance. With active management system solutions, support and maintenance services on multiple levels are offered which coincide with the amount of involvement that you want. This will ensure that you have content that is evolving and accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on every type of electronic device.

Specific Industry Offerings

Acmex has worked with numerous industries over the last 6 to 7 years. Some of these industries include the public sector, healthcare, retail, education, publishing, and media entertainment. During this time, we came up with solutions that were optimized specifically for each industry in terms of their requirements, cases, and needs. Acmex uses options which have proven to be useful in managing, delivering, and creating content which is the most relevant for our customers.

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