Automating The Business Process

For the last 8 years, Acmex has made it easier to transform digital businesses. Our professionals have combined the experience of the growing subject matter with skills of architectural design and business analysis.

What We Are Good At

We have allowed companies to use this advanced technology to help grow their businesses. Acmex conducts process automation, transformation, and analysis. Most importantly, we have changed the way in which work is accomplished in the physical business world and the digital business world.


Managing Projects

  • Combined Resource Preparation
  • Document Management Collaboration
  • Tracking Expenses, Invoices, and Bills

Managing Workflow

  • Management of Transactions
  • Track Issues
  • Accept or Alter Management
  • E-forms

Managing Knowledge

  • Internet Learning and Education
  • Innovative Analytics
  • Channels Management for Communication

Managing Cases

  • Resource Management Flexibility for Processes and Cases
  • End-to-end Automation Can Be Requested, Claimed, or Applied
  • Compliance and Audibility is Ensured

Managing Data Flow

  • Solely Centralized Storage
  • Search and Reporting within the Enterprise
  • Importing, Exporting, and Integrating Data

Personalize Enterprise Solutions

If you want to automate your end-to-end processes then you need Acmex to help. Packaged applications can’t do this for you. Acmex will provide you with unique solutions for your business so you can automate its processes using all the technological resources at your disposal.

Exceptional Product Development

Since Acmex is skilled in various technology scenarios, we can create software applications which are innovative and satisfy the customers’ experience and their demands.

Automating the Core Process

The services we have available account for every automated business process phase. Some of these phases include gaining knowledge of the systems, data, and processes of the customer from the architecture of the solution.


  • Analyze the needs and objectives
  • Analyze the current processes, systems, and data
  • The design and definition of the architecture of the solution
  • Consult with technology.

The Implementation

  • Customizing and Setting up the solution
  • Expanding the current IT systems by giving them unique add-ons and plugins
  • Complete documentary help of the functionality delivered
  • Training for end-users and the Admin
  • Testing of the end-to-end

The Integration

  • Integration that is based from API
  • The integration of data

Support And Upkeep

  • Finding bottlenecks and fixing flaws in productivity
  • Relocation to newer versions of the product and platforms
  • 24/7 technical support at multiple levels

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