Brand Identity Design

We work with you to provide prominent value on brand identity for your business

Delivering Above And Beyond The Core

We choose to understand first

Identifying the problem

Define the value

Careful planning and focus on audience

At Acmex, we’ve honed our service so it concentrates on the parts that most services in our market don’t recognise in Brand Identity Design. Our experts harness the power of brand identity communication by differentiating each component as to leverage flexible and cost-effective solutions.


The way your business is seen or perceived within the market. We help companies effectively to be perceived as a unique solution that is aligning with their business goals so the brand stays with people long after hearing or using its services/products.


Creating value in the eyes of your customers. We take highly transparent approach to create a clearer identity for your target audience as to generate sustainable success and a definable difference from all competitors within the same niche.

At Acmex, we offer businesses on how they wish to be perceived within the market using strategy, graphics, and design. The combination of the three aspects allow this perception to become stronger and with brand identity, your business has more control over the messages they send to consumers.

Our designers work in close collaboration with market analysts to help you with everything that contributes towards your brand identity including the early business steps of creating a logo, signage, and other visuals. After integrating identity design into broader view, we then work towards web or mobile design, print materials, social media marketing, online marketing, and anywhere your business is received visually.

Acmex provides the entire spectrum of brand identity design covering all phases.


Initially, it’s all about understanding your business and what the client is trying to achieve. As we work together, we set goals and discuss a timeline. Depending on your needs, we’ll create a plan of action and this proposal will be sent to you with the contract and associated terms.


We start with a questionnaire to learn about your values, capabilities, objectives, goals (short-term and long-term), target market, competitors, and where you want to take the brand. It’ll underpin everything we do from this point forward.


Our iterative approach is transparent for all to see and it begins with an extensive examination of the client’s aesthetic preferences and focusing on its direction. During development, we create mockups as early as we can because this allows for more time in evaluation, validation with all stakeholders, and optimization.


Once validated, we release the graphics and ensure safe handling of working files to the client protecting its Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

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