Consultation For AI Strategies And Development Of Machine Learning Practices

The realm of AI technology covers everything from language recognition and processing, analyzing pictures, personalization of interactive media and marketing, and multiple analyzation needs.

We help you identify the benefits that AI can bring to your business or organization and then build a custom solution to help. Full integration and user training is included.

Strategic AI Consults

Every project begins with an in-depth, personalized analysis of your company's or organization's needs when it comes to artificial intelligence. We explore both your goals and challenges as well as future opportunities for growth and greater automation. Then, we offer professional advice on how to implement AI software into your future.

ML Development

We employ data scientists ready and able to develop machine learning processes from the ground up by leveraging existing data, manipulating process frameworks, and creating AI software programs custom made for customer needs. Both turnkey software options and bespoke ML development projects are available.

Team Training

Once the AI software is installed and operational, our experts lead your team through in-depth training so they know how to use it most effectively.

Artificial Intelligence

The realm of AI programs deals with copying a human mind's ability to reason, form decisions, and think up good solutions to problems without strict mathematical answers. Machine learning (ML) is what drives the artificial intelligence projects of today.

Data Science

The methods used to learn of, visualize, and analyze data use various methods such as machine learning.

Machine Learning

ML programs learn by processing huge amounts of data associated with particular problems, events, or happenings. As the data increases, the ability of these AI machines to discover patterns in the data does also. Both simpler linear regression and deep neural networks function in this manner.

Deep Learning

Various machine learning models exist, such as recurrent neural networks (RNN) and convolutional neural networks (CNN).

Analysis Leads To Unique Marketing Strategy Boosts

While studying demographics and consumer habits help create effective marketing campaigns, imagine the boost to profits from one that tailors its presentation to the individual. AI-powered software allows for personalized marketing efforts and product recommendations more relevant and powerful than any other method.

Predict Future Sales And Prepare

The information gathered and processed through artificial intelligence engines help companies predict sales rates, consumer habits, and prepare to take full advantage of them in the future.

Analyze Brand Reputation

When they use a combination of machine learning and neurolinguistic programming analysis, software programs can judge customer comments and thus get a clearer picture of their opinions about your brand and products. Classifications can be as simple as positive and negative or more deeply detailed.

Predict Customer Churn

Customer churn, or instances when particular customers or clients sees their relationship with a company, can be predicted with the help of ML software. This helps you overcome risks before a mass exodus and prevent your most lucrative customers from leaving.

Smart Chatbot Customer Service

Immediate and effective customer service boost consumer appreciation for your company. An artificially intelligent chat bot that does or does not use speech recognition and generation can facilitate basic customer service without the need for employee intervention in many cases.

Image Analysis

AI includes programming designed to analyze images (See our page specifically about image analyzation for more information.), which helps with robotic optics and character, image, and facial recognition.

Find And Prevent Fraudulent Activity

In order for fraud prevention software to keep up with new methods and patterns of fraud, they should use machine learning applications to identify unusual consumer behavior patterns and uses for the application in question. AI abilities counter fraud at a higher rate than employees or simple software solutions based on rules.

Biometric Identity Scans

Security measures such as facial recognition, eye scanners, fingerprint scanners, and voice identification programs help companies, organizations, and financial institutions keep data private for all clients.

ML-Powered Automated Testing

Software, website, or process testing gets a boost of accuracy and accessibility when powered by machine learning. Things like UI testing, which are challenging to automate, are now able to be handled primarily without human intervention.

Entertainment AI

The gaming industry uses AI and machine learning to create and operate more complex games that treat the player bases and attract more attention.

Our Team In AI Development

ACMEX has gathered an experienced and knowledgeable team of engineers, data scientists, and analysts who know everything it takes to deliver the most up to date AI and ML-based software applications to you.

01. The Basics Of AI

  • Gathering of information and data
  • Methods of representing knowledge
  • Machine learning

02. ML Modeling Capabilities

  • Regression
  • Vector machine options
  • Defining methods and processes
  • Use of decision trees and randomization
  • Deep learning capabilities like RNN and CNN

03. Achievements In AI

  • Analysis leading to accurate predictions
  • Image analysis
  • Ability to process natural language
  • Behavior modeling

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