Web Application Development

After speaking with many clients, we know how tricky it can be to find the right solution that meets your objectives. For this reason, we decided to go for a bespoke service everyone can use.

Develop Web Solution

For your end-to-end development needs, we can, as a full-stack vendor, develop your solution whether you’re new in your respective industry or pushing for the market leader position. You need to be able to move with the times and that’s what we’ve done with the introduction of tablet and mobile (JavaScript/HTML5). If you want to be available on all platforms, we have the UI-UX design and front-end development experience. Not only will your solution be modernized for all new devices, it’ll be functional and this is a balance many companies get wrong due to a lack of experience and skill.

Web at Scale; Design, Development, and Optimization

Whenever we’re producing a solution to a large scale, the highest-level of support will be installed and this includes fault tolerance, scalability, transaction throughput, and availability. In terms of expertise, we can offer;

Large-Scale Distribution Systems

By utilizing the very best (and latest) technologies, we couple this with our experience and solid practices to design and launch your applications. From machine learning solutions to social networks and even content delivery systems, we work well in large scale projects since we’re able to split key resources between each while still maintaining the highest quality.

Microservices Architectures

For many years, we’ve witnessed the evolution of application technology from multi-tier architecture through SOA. Above all else, this has allowed us to engineer the move towards a microservices architecture pattern; this is quickly becoming the default practice across the industry.

Real-Time Big Data Processing

While some companies feel overwhelmed by Big Data, we excel in this niche and can help to navigate this tricky area of business. From developing a strategy to implementing it in a large-scale project, we can prepare for resilience and scale to micro-batching as well as implementing event-driven processing paradigms.

Cloud-Native Applications

With Acmex, you immediately have access to a number of open source technologies as well as container-driven alignment and integration and it all comes under one roof. Whether you want a new application to be born in the cloud or to migrate an existing solution to the cloud, both are just as possible.

Building the Right Solutions Utilizing Technologies and Tools

Technology Consulting

Before getting started, we always work with you to assess available technology stacks so you can choose the right option with regards to your budget and needs.

Discovery And Planning

After clarifying requirements, we can build a strategy and roadmap before then preparing all the documentation required so you’re optimizing the right actions and fixing the right issues.

Software Prototyping

With a POC, as mentioned previously, you can assess how feasible your concept is and whether it’s ready for real-world application.

The Delivery Flow Competitive Advantage

With the project teams at Acmex, application delivery environment can be installed, configured, and then managed. At all times, they’ll have the main aim of transforming the web application from a simple program to one that leads the market.

Cross-Functional Teams

In the project team, they’ll have responsibility for the whole project from the initial development to production and the end result. Through the whole life cycle, the team will essentially become a cross-functional business capabilities enabler.

Accelerated Time-To-Value

To keep up with the current and future levels of innovation, our team will continuously update and deliver improvements whether this comes through new features or brand-new apps.

Heavily Customized Projects

Regardless of your market and needs, our personalized service allows you to build a competitive advantage within your niche by utilizing the latest software and connected devices.

Multifaceted Security Considerations for Projects Large and Small

Every year, it seems as though architectural patterns and industry trends change but there will always be security concerns for both businesses and the end users. Fortunately, we treat security as a pivotal component of our service throughout the development cycle. To ensure the greatest level of security, we take big measures to protect your project including;

Application Security

  • Source Code Analysis
  • Application Architecture Review
  • Attack Vectors Identification
  • Vulnerability Scan

Customer Security

  • Segregated Project Infrastructure
  • SLA Guarantees
  • Security & IP Protection Policies

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