Maintenance and Support

As soon as your website or app goes down in today’s world, you risk losing customers to a more stable solution.

Therefore, we work hard to support major challenges and provide;

Business Continuity

To prevent customers from going elsewhere, you need to be available 24/7.


Not all companies need or can afford a support team, so our expertise allow you to save money while keeping your solution in a great position.


Once again, functionality is pivotal and we provide it for your users.

Our Services

With our hard-working client support team, they’re dedicated to providing the best service possible and can therefore help with the following;

Third-Party Solution Maintenance

With Acmex, we’ll extend all third-party software past the end-of-life declaration and this allows you to increase your return and reduce TCO.

Application Improvement

As we analyze the position of your app over time, we highlight bugs and create improvement plans so you’ll always have the best solution for your consumers.

Server And OS Migration

When servers and operating systems aren’t working as they should, the Acmex support team can help with migration to a new OS or server to improve performance.

Bug Tracking Systems

Able to identify and report all defects in quick time, we can deploy the right solution to track bugs and fix them before it becomes a major issue.

Software Maintenance & Proactive Support

While some companies wait until you need help, we get early warnings that you’ll need help and jump into action before hackers can attack and other problems can take hold.

Performance Monitoring

We develop and install monitoring solutions to ensure all internet products are working as expected.

Building a Bridge Between Development and Operations

For us, development and operations should be combined or at least linked in some way. As we’ve said before, we have now established DevOps workflows we can install for your project before then coupling this with Waterfall, Kanban, and Agile techniques. With this, your solution evolves over time even on a larger scale and this boosts ROI. With our service, you have a constant ability to embrace changes and DevOps-oriented customer support. All things considered, this leads to;

  • Architecture and Code Audit
  • Documentation Review
  • Functional/Performance Testing
  • Documentation Review
  • Functional/Performance Testing

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