Application Development

Over the years, we’ve developed the full range of application development from application design to maintenance, support, and the creation of project scopes.

Regardless of whether you need long-term maintenance or perhaps quick development of an application, we can personalize our services to meet your business goals both now and long into the future.

Custom Application Development

Whether you have a proprietary LOB application, commercial ERP, or a simple startup idea, Acmex will develop your revolutionary idea from the very beginning and you’ll own all source codes and IPs.

Customization Of Third-Party Products

Thanks to our experienced and fully-qualified experts, we have full knowledge of proprietary and open source platforms. Therefore, we can introduce custom development and integration for a tailor-made solution.

Legacy App Upgrade And Enhancement

If you want to boost your existing IT investments, we can do so by assessing and redesigning your current inefficient systems. For example, we can assist your migration to a new platform, refine all development practices, and even provide a technical architecture review.

Web Application Development

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Mobile Application Development

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Client Focus


As well as fixed-price estimates, we look for a quick delivery of fully-verified MVPs through iterative prototyping. Furthermore, we offer scalability and 100% dedicated processes at every stage.


Optimization methods that have been tried and tested across multiple environments, extensive experience with domains, industry knowledge that’ll add value to your project, ability to support new projects while maintaining the very first, and flexible engagement models.


Finally, we can keep all processes transparent while assisting with your mobility strategies, enabling the orchestration of cross-enterprise IT investments, providing a consultancy service, and all this while complying with all the appropriate regulations and standards provided by the relevant authorities.

Domain Expertise, Technological Competency, Industry-Specific Experience

With most web/mobile development companies, they choose to focus on a specific platform or device but Acmex offers an all-inclusive service across a range of different platforms. With this behind us, we can focus on ROI for your business and building the best solution for your needs.

Technology Consulting

With every single project we have, we value technology consulting whether you’re trying to implement an idea or solve a business problem. At Acmex, we provide you with a technology roadmap before the project even starts as well as support throughout the project.


While we provide technical jargon, you don’t need to understand it to know what type of solution we provide. With our superb team of business analysts, we can sit down and discuss your needs from one business to another.

Project Management Maturity

With all the experience in the world, it means nothing if you don’t use it but we strive to provide a mature service and this allows us to utilize all resources at our disposal. With proven methods and techniques, we allow for continuous integration and smart deliveries to meet your needs. With this in mind, our end result becomes stronger and your customer base appreciates your efforts.

Reduction Of Technical Risks

Not only does a ‘successful application’ mean stunning interfaces and a great user experience, it also means reducing technical risk through a well-designed solution. Over time, the solution should be cost-effective to maintain, grow, and integrate with every other system in your business.

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