Protection and Security

Intellectual Property

For us at Acmex, security and protection with regards to intellectual property is pivotal. At all times, we protect the intellectual property rights and data of all clients regardless of the stage or progression of the solution. To start, we have a personalized set of company policies and every single employee complies with these procedures. Overall, the policies cover a range of topics including data, physical security, account, and even specialized standards for internal processes.

Over the years, we’ve learned that your software needs to remain discreet in order to keep its value which is why we’ve introduced a number of standards and procedures. With this, we utilize every physical and legal means to keep your solution protected.

Information Non-Disclosure

With all clients, we sign a non-disclosure agreement which allows all information regarding your project to remain protected. At the point of employment, we also have our team members sign a confidentiality agreement as well as complying with all Acmex company policies (including intellectual property policies).

Distributed Environment

Working within a multi-tenant, distributed environment, your personal and project information will be located within a shared infrastructure made up of numerous homogenous systems across a variety of geographical locations. Ultimately, this means if one data center is hacked or damaged in some way, only one section of information will be lost and this will be useless to any hackers.

Title Transfer

As soon as the final product is finished and client is satisfied, we appreciate that client to have full ownership. As before, all employees agree to waive all rights to your work once it changes hands and we’ve developed a secure legal system that allows this to happen in the right way.

Data Destruction

Whenever we update our computers or any other systems containing data, they are subjected to data destruction before they’re even removed from our facilities. By professionals, the systems will be wiped using an advanced technique approved by all IT team members. If hardware failure has occurred, the disks will be destroyed physically.

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