About Acmex

Everyone starts somewhere.


We started as a team of 5 young designers and programmers back in 2010 at Harbourfront Centre, Singapore. Since then, with an indomitable spirit, we've been connecting the dots and assisting companies to achieve its objectives in the fast changing world of technology. In 2017, we officially founded ACMEX.

It stands for "A company that makes everything" possible and the "X" is about intersections; we believe that various perspectives, working as a team, increase efficiency and deliver exponentially better outcomes. Over the years, we've learned that experience and skills (training) need to combine for unparalleled results which is why we've hand-picked specialists to provide high-quality solutions.

Although our clients are all unique, they all have a similar goal; to create software that will generate income, streamline the business, and allow for more efficient communication channels. With our up-to-date knowledge we can call upon at any time, we work efficiently to meet the individual needs of the client rather than working off a generic script.

Company Strengths

Everything Tech

Considering we help with everything, from defining requirements to design, coding, testing, implementing, maintenance, support, marketing, and more, we can manage it all.

Outstanding Quality

As well as our enthusiastic specialists on the ground floor, we also have committed assurance teams monitoring the activities and results at the end of every single phase.

Personalized Service

Depending on what the client needs, we mold our service and try to remain flexible at all times. With a dedicated team who analyzes the objectives of all clients, we work towards a solution that’ll work for the people who have to use it in the future; the client and their employees and customers.


At all times, Acmex will keep clients updated with each progress of their projects and what stage is being completed. With this transparency, clients will have sound advice from us and a better understanding of what’s occurring.

Our Mission

To be the world’s most trusted and respected technology services brand.

Our Vision

In order to accomplish our mission, Acmex has established a series of goals that we strive to achieve. This helps us work harder to give you the results that you want and these goals include:

Allowing each member of the team to feel inspired, so that they can work in an environment that is comfortable for them

Coming up with better ways to satisfy the demands of customers as well as figuring out what those needs may be in the future

Building partnerships within a successful network of professionals and establishing loyalty with them

Creating and supporting global communities

Understanding our responsibilities

Running a fast-paced organization with high productivity

Our Philosophies

Care & Understand

In the past, we've seen flaws in services that use a 'one-size-fits-all' model and this has motivated us to provide a personalized service for each and every client. First, we care and learn about your needs. Then we assess all available options and give competent advice accordingly.

Offer Maximum Value

Today, there’s more competition in every industry and it can be tough to survive; we know this just as much as our clients. Therefore, we use this to offer maximum value in EVERYTHING we do. Since the beginning, we’ve known that our success is directly linked to the success of all clients.

Team Up With Clients

Rather than working individually, we like to team up with clients and create a long-term partnership. Instead of simply meeting your needs today, we can work together to create a solution that leads to a successful tomorrow too.

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