Development of Augmented Reality Experiences

We can help you present sci-fi technology options to users by combining digital information with the real world.

Custom Options In Augmented Reality

We create applications that combine the digital and real worlds. These AR apps bring a science fiction or fantasy type experience to users who are presented with visual and audio information or entertainment.
Your specific needs can match an AR solution no matter what industry or niche you represent. Empower your software whether it provides education, advertising, entertainment, or manufacturing help. Our augmented reality efforts encompass one of the methodologies listed below.

AR Triggered
By Location

AR Triggered
By Location

Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional animations, videos, and sound files can be triggered by a user sitting, standing or moving into a specific place. This uses GPS technology and can be implemented both indoors and out. The popular game Pokémon Go represents this type of technology that can also be used to bring customers to your store with the help of GPS, a compass, and beacons.

AR Triggered
By A Marker

AR Triggered
By A Marker

Various options exist to incorporate AR technology with markers that allow users to view, watch, or hear content that gives them information in an interactive way. This technology can function with QR codes, a system of object recognition, and the projection of superimposed multimedia displays using custom screens or augmented reality glasses.

AR Options
Without Markers

AR Options
Without Markers

Similar three-dimensional content is shown to the user without AR markers. Instead, it uses the latest SLAM technology, which stands for simultaneous localization and mapping. The result is a highly immersive situation in which the content is displayed on the physical surroundings of the person using it.

Full Spectrum Of Devices

AR Headsets and Glasses
Other Devices

AR Options For Specific Industry Needs

E-Commerce And Offline Sales

Boost your customers' shopping experience to new levels with a clever and highly effective integration of digital app information and convenience in a brick-and-mortar setting. Options include:
  • Interactive images and displays
  • Smart technology to facilitate fitting room comfort
  • Virtual on-screen trials of outfits
  • Begin-based mapping and directions in the store

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry stood at the forefront of AR technology, such as with the aforementioned Pokémon Go. For mobile and desktop games, social applications, and other interactive gamified processes, augmented reality provides a unique blend of digital elements superimposed on the real world. This can bring fantasy to reality or facilitate in-game interactions based on facial and movement recognition.

Manufacturing Sector

In the manufacturing sector of any industry, this new technology can assist with employee training, automated inspection of parts and projects, and quality control.

Architecture, Real Estate, And ID

For a real estate agent, architect, or designer who wants to attract more clients, a picture may be worth 1000 words, but an interactive, three-dimensional gallery or tour is worth much more than that. Apps and virtual showrooms can improve marketing power and cut both costs and time.

Advertising And Marketing

Marketing in any niche or industry gets a boost from AR technology. It not only gets attention quickly, but maintains engagement due to its interactivity. Some options include:
  • Interactive catalogs of products
  • Advertising options in the stores
  • New packaging options

Entertainment Events And Media

Television, online video, and live events get a boost from the enrichment caused by advanced augmented reality systems. A tradeshow display can trigger specific information for booth visitors, or a broadcast show can change based on watcher activity.

Integration With Other Systems

Existing AR technologies combine well with disruptive technology options, or can be implements to augment the user experience.

The three types of disruptive technology that augmented reality systems are most used with include:
AI such as voice recognition, chat bots, and personalized response options;
IOT networks of devices that all use AR together; and HAPTICS, which represent higher and more complex levels of interaction.

AR Stack Options for Strong Tech Solutions

All of our AR options start with the most up-to-date and powerful SDKs and platforms. At the start of every project, we analyze which tools and options will deliver the best possible outcome specifically for you.

  • ARCore is used for Android applications
  • ARKit is used for iOS applications
  • Unity is used for game development
  • Wikitude Augmented Reality helps build our cross-platform solutions

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