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Trusted IT Team

Since 2010, Acmex has been a trusted information technology service providing company. Over the last 12 years, we have offered our clients an array of professional IT services such as web portal development, web application development, software development, and web-based enterprise solutions.

To ensure that we provide our clients with end-to-end web solutions that are progressive and quality-based, our IT team utilizes their extensive technical experience while keeping track of the latest trends in the IT industry.


“They’re a very smart team that solves problems that are not just IT-related, but also business-related.”
Stephen ChanDirector at Muimerp
  • Project Muimerp
  • Type E-Commerce
  • Budget $10k to $49k
“They are very friendly and have a really good team dynamic.”
Sen WongDirector at Melbourne Social Soccer
  • Project Melbourne Social Soccer
  • Type Development
  • Budget $10k to $49k
“They are flexible and responsive, constantly engaging us along the project and striving to make the experience better.”
Steven ChanBusiness Development Director at Automation & Control Systems
  • Project Automation & Control Systems
  • Type Web Development
  • Budget Less than $10k

Completed Projects

Acmex provides these services mainly in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. We stay in constant contact with our clients throughout each of their projects and we make sure they are managed to produce the kind of results they want to achieve. Regardless of whether you have a corporate environment, internet environment or both, Acmex will develop the right solutions to benefit your organization.

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